Shared space: Name this building

Anglican Centre

Anglican Centre needs a new name. Readers of the Rupert’s Land News are invited to join in making the choice.

The building on Nesbitt Bay in South Fort Garry is still the home for the administrative offices of the Diocese of Rupert’s Land. But since this summer the administrative offices of the Manitoba/Northwest Ontario Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada are also housed under the same roof. It’s no longer just an Anglican joint — it’s a joint joint. The name Anglican Centre no longer fits quite so well.

The two bishops, Anglican Donald Phillips and Lutheran Elaine Sauer, and their colleagues agreed in September that they would try to come up with a new name for the building. They aim to announce the new name at a Nov 26 open house and Advent reception. Well-wishers will be invited to join in a visit and blessing of the renovated, shared administrative office.

The people who work in the building were all invited to pool their suggestions and then vote by exchange of emails to establish a short list of plausible names for the shared space.  Here’s the short list of names they came up with:

Anglican/Lutheran Centre
Anglican-Lutheran Mission Centre
Faith Centre (with Anglican Diocese of Rupert’s Land and Lutheran MNO Synod appearing underneath.)
One Faith Centre
Nesbitt Commons
Synod House

At a joint staff meeting on Thursday, Nov 7, the people who work in the building will pick a name. Before we decide, tell us what you think.

If one of these names seems to you much better than the others, let us know. Does one of them strike you as inappropriate?  Now’s the time to say so.  Have you thought of a name that’s better than any on the list? Speak now.

Send your comments on Name This Building by email to Comments received before midnight Wednesday, Nov 6 will be taken into account at the Nov 7 meeting where the name will be picked.