St Paul’s Fort Garry: New accessible washroom

“… the project was completed and the new facilities are up and running.”

Over the summer, a large crew of volunteers, along with plumbing and electrical contractors, gutted, then rebuilt the washroom areas in the hall area of St Paul’s. It took a month, but the project was completed and the new facilities are up and running.

St Paul’s had been planning for a number of years to establish a fully accessible facility by converting one of its washrooms into an accessible area, meeting the criteria set out by the City of Winnipeg. Prompted by at least three occurrences of burst pipes, and cleanup of the subsequent messes, the decision was made to go ahead with the project last July.

A volunteer group of five hearty souls met on the afternoon of July 14 to demolish the two existing washrooms, and, within a few days, three new washrooms began to take shape. By mid August, new walls and doors had been installed, an exhaust system was up and running, new lighting fixtures were in place, fresh paint and new flooring done, and there are now three shiny new washrooms, one of which is properly accessible.

A unique feature of this project was the contribution of a group of volunteers who are not members of St. Paul’s parish, but are members of the Scottish Country Dancers, a group which rents the hall on a regular basis throughout the year. Five members of that group contributed some 267 hours of labour to help bring this project to fruition. Add those hours to 324 volunteer hours from the parish, and we have new washrooms to serve not only the parishioners, but all of our renters as well.

By Bob Piper