Rupert’s Land News goes online

Another way to get the News

The Rupert’s Land News is now available as an online publication.
The printed newspaper will continue to be inserted inside the Anglican Journal that is mailed ten times a year to Anglican households in the diocese. More and more readers, however, prefer to get their news through the Internet. For their benefit, we have now launched The Rupert’s Land News Online.

An electronic copy of each month’s paper will still appear on the website of the Diocese. The Rupert’s Land News Online, however, is a faster and more convenient way for readers to find the news that interests them.
So check it out. If you think it needs improving, let us know. Check out the Anglican Journal online edition. The two printed papers are mailed out together. If you no longer need either of them, send an email to to take your name off the list.

What are the benefits?

Quicker News: Because you don’t have to wait until the paper is printed and mailed, The Rupert’s Land News can be published up to a half a month sooner. Down the road, we hope to make that delay even shorter.

Increased Availability: Rupert’s Land News can go where you go. Read it on the web anytime or start a free email subscription. When you subscribe, you will receive emails of the latest news from our diocese, wherever you are in the world. The web version has also been designed for a variety of platforms, so if you want to read the RLN on your phone while you ride home on the bus, you can!

Reduced costs: With a web publication, there will eventually be less printing, less paper and no mailing fees. This is a better way to be wise stewards of our resources. In the meantime, we will continue to seek your support for production and mailing costs of the printed paper.
Reduced paper waste: Down the line, as we rely less on the printed newspaper, we will generate less paper waste. What a great way for us as a diocese to respect our environment!

Searchable archives: With every month we publish, we are creating a searchable online archive for our diocese!

Interaction: You can contribute articles and share your thoughts on news related to our diocese. Please make sure to include your parish and contact info.