Sauer re-elected 

By Rick Scherger

Bishop Elaine SauerMembers of the Manitoba / Northern Ontario Lutheran Synod have re-elected Bishop Elaine Sauer to her third term as leader of the synod. Bishop Sauer received 66 of the 97 ballots cast on the second ballot, with 65 needed for election.

The convention applauded loudly as MNO Synod chair Brian Lorch announced, “I declare Elaine Sauer elected as bishop.”

Bishop Elaine quoted past national bishop Ray Schultz, saying, “In 2006, when I was first elected, he said, ‘You can talk all you like but the most important thing that people need to hear is that you are willing to accept their decision.’ I am willing to accept your decision here today.”

Bishop Elaine thanked the people who supported and encouraged her to let her name stand after struggling to decide if she would take a third term. During her sabbatical last summer, she spent a lot of time discerning what she would do if the convention re-elected her.

“Thank you for support and your encouragement and confidence in the work done by the synod under my leadership,” she said.

“This was affirmation of the job being done by synod staff and council,” she said.