St Margaret’s boosts Internet communication for Uganda college

By Mulondo Lezhein Peker

St Margaret’s in Winnipeg has been thanked for assistance it provided a college in Uganda to improve internet communication.

April 11, Bishop Jackson Matovu of the Diocese of Central Buganda, accompanied by diocesan secretary, The Reverend Geresom Ssali and Mulondo Lezhein Peker, visited Kabulasoke Core Teachers’ College. It is a college that trains senior four leavers to become Grade III teachers. When they complete, they teach in the primary elementary schools.

The program for the Bishop’s visit included Holy Communion which was ecumenical in a style that allowed students from various Christians sectors to read Bible texts and singing songs from their religion.

When Bishop Matovu visited, it was Lent, so in his sermon, using Joel 2:17 as text, he explained that Lent was the time for Christians to check themselves, to feel sorry for their misdeeds and empty themselves of all their wrong doings. They have to repent of their sins and forgive people who might have wronged them.

Sean Carlison and the parishioners of St. Margaret’s in Winnipeg were thanked for a contribution made when Sean visited the college some time back, and saw the numerous needs of the college. When he went back to Winnipeg he mobilized the congregation of St. Margaret’s to raise $500 ($1,000,000 Uganda Shillings) which they sent to the college to help improve internet communication.